Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joy Of With Celebrating Of.Bones.Âý.NO.Of Fortnight Of Closing Festival
Shamsher Ahmed Khan
Home Ministry, OL Department Of Under Central Hindi Training Institute In Date-15-09-2009 From 30-09-2009 Until Hindi Fortnight Of Event Did Went. This Employees/Officers To Hindi In Task To Of Per Induced To Of Purpose From Many Contests Held Of Were Which Employees/Officers The Enthusiastically Part Took. Various Competitions In Victorious Participants Of Name The Type Are--Hindi Typing--Mr. Niloy Government First,Mrs. Bimla II,Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gandhi III,Hindi Shorthand--Mr. Rajesh Kumar Saini First, Mrs. Bimla II, Mr. Sivakumar Kedre III,Famous Writing( Group D) Mr. Manoj Kumar First, Mr. Mahesh Chand II, Mr. Prahlad Singh III,Mr. Yogendra Paul Singh Promotion Common Gjyan-- Mr. Manoj Kumar First,Mr. Surendra Kumar II,Mr. Kamal Win Singh III, Mr. Mahesh Chand Promotion,Essay Writing--Mr. Wind Kumar Mishra First,Mrs. Bimla II,Mr. Niloy Government III, Mr. Madan Red Popli III,Noting And Draft Writing --Mr. Wind Kumar Mishra First,Mr. Madan Red Popli II, Mr. Dinesh Kumar III, Mr. Shyamsunder III, Ashu Speech--Mr. Shamsher Ahmed Khan First, Mr. W Beautiful II, Mr. Mukesh Kumar III Swrcit Poetry Text-- Mr. Puran Chand Singh First, Mr. Rakesh Kumar II, Mr. W Beautiful III.
The Program Of Closing Central Hindi Training Institute Of 2 --E,Earth Raj Road Status Workshop Unit Of Lecture Room In Held Did Went.Victorious Participants To Raj Language Department Of United Secretary Mr. D.Of.Pandey The Awards Amount And Evidence Letter Provided Do The Happiness Expressed Of And Khaki Same Type Future In Also People Enthusiastically Work Us And Awards From Benefit Are. The Institute Of Director Mrs. Mohini Hingorani The Main Guest Of Respect In Two Word Say And Fortnight Of Report Presented Of. Program Of Thanks Jgapan Deputy Director (Typing Correspondence) Mr. Tikaram Kashyap The Did And Operations Mr. M.L. Sharma Assistant Director The Successfully Did.
Shamsher Ahmed Khan,Assistant Director, Of.Bones.Âý.NO., 2 --E, Earth Raj Road, New Delhi-110011