Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Bin Water All Sun
Shamsher Ahmed Khan

New Delhi, Past Days Late Press Kancna Of Memory In Sixth Kancna Memory Wyakyanmala And Awards Festival Of Event Did Went.The Year Kancna Memory Awards Eminence Social Worker And Thinker Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh To Provided Did Went. Mr. Singh All Indian Peace Army Of Organizer Are And Gandhian Ideas Of Strong Pro Are. Your Vertical Banaras, Sarnath And Around Of Rural Area Are Are. He All Indian Peace Army And Lokchetna Forum Of Aegis In 68 Youth And Peace Camp Thought Have Are.
The Scope At Speaking The BJP Of East National General Secretary Mr. Govindacharya The Present Executive, Legislature And Judiciary Three Organs In Come Are Moral Decline And Mayawad At Deep Concern Expressed Of. With Only He Mayawadi Tendency In Fourth Column At Also Question Mark Thought Given.
Program Of Chairmanship Tax Are East Central Minister Dr.. Som Pal Shastri The Theoretical As At World Of Best Governance System In Democracy To Better System Told And He सिद्धांत्तः India Of Four Columns At Its Frank Comment Give The A To Also Weak Link No Explain.
Senior Press Mr. Rahul Dev The Fourth Column At Dominating Are Are Mandtntr Of Toward Signal Do The A Such Discussion To Dismissed Tax Given That When Until Media From Juda Mandtntr Included No Must Then Until Fourth Column At Of Were Things Redundant Is.
Senior Press Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh The Kancna Memory Wyakyanmala From Related Just Until Held Made Were Programs Of Advanced Information Given And Kancna Of Those All Features Of Remember Did Which They A Model Press Replace Was Were.
The Scope At East Central Minister Dr.. Ramkripal Sinha,Prestigious Gandhian Thinker Dr.. Ramji Prasad,N.Âý. Of East Education Minister Mr. Balasore Tyagi, Shri Rajneesh Kumar, Ramashis Roy, Mahachandra Singh,Devdutt,Prabal Maitra,Arvind Mohan,Ajay Kumar,Jawahar Red Kaul,Banarasi Singh,Arun Khare,Ja Light Tripathi, Amitabh,Umesh Chaturvedi And Kailash G Including Many Distinguished Jan Present Were.

--------Shamsher Ahmed Khan, 2 --C,Press Block, Old Secretariat, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054

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